What is homeopathic medicine and How does it work
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What is homeopathic medicine and How does it work

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What is homeopathic medicine and How does it work

 What is homeopathic medicine and How does it work

When choosing a treatment option, answers to simple questions can help in easing the mind. So here is information about Homeopathic Medicine to give you a start for choosing. 

What is Homeopathic Medicine? 

Homeopathy is a medical system also known as Homeopathic Medicine, which believes that body can cure itself. It was developed in Germany by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann in the late 18th century, i.e., more than 200 years ago.

It is a healing system that improves health conditions from the core of the issue by boosting immunity and amending spiritual imbalance. The treatment option is holistic, overcoming any chronic or acute psychological, physical, and spiritual problems & can help in permanent recovery.

Homeopathic medicines are natural substances such as minerals, plants, etc., in tiny amounts that are safe for consumption and free from side-effects.  

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Principles of Homeopathic Medicine 

  • Like cures like – Also known as “The Law of Similars.” It says that a remedy that can trigger disease symptoms in a healthy person can cure the same symptoms in a sick person.  
  • Individualization – Every person is unique in their own way. Whether it’s their nature or temperament, it may vary from person to person. In the same way, the symptoms of the medical issue they face may differ for each individual. In this medicine, it is believed that a person’s life choices, temperament, likes – dislikes, and nature play a vital role in the ailment they are suffering. So, the homeopaths select the remedies keeping all these in their mind along with the symptoms they are showing. 
  • Minimum dose – The smaller the dosage, the greater its effectiveness is. When preparing homeopathic remedies, the natural substances are processed in such a way that only a minor trace (which is safe for consumption) is left in the final product. Therefore, the repetition and dose of remedy have to be such that it is safe and side-effects free.

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How does it work?

The homeopathic remedy works on the person’s spiritual core by stimulating a precise reaction in the body, i.e., restoring the balance of mind and body. The treatment triggers the body’s ability to heal itself, correct the imbalance causing the ailments (psychological or physical) in the patient. 

When a patient goes for an appointment, the doctor asks various questions about the emotional, physical, mental health, and day-to-day routine, life changes, and the person’s family and history. This procedure helps them understand the origin of the medical issue and select the best remedy as per the symptoms.

It’s imperative for a successful treatment process that the patient shares every possible thing with the doctor and doesn’t shy away from sharing because the ill’s history is as crucial as any symptom of the problem.

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Who can benefit from the treatment?

Homeopathy uses the body’s healing mechanism to cure the ailment, so there are no side-effects or repercussions. Due to this benefit, it is suitable for many people. 

Those who – 

  • Depend upon external medication (other conventional medication), strict diet, and lifestyle: Homeopathy gradually helps in becoming free of the dependence on such agents and maintaining spiritual balance.  
  • Have lost hope from other conventional and unconventional treatments: Homeopathy is a powerful healing system with the ability to stimulate our body’s capabilities to heal itself regardless of the type of the disease. 
  • Are mentally tired, spiritually lost, or have self-doubt: It is a remedy of holistic recovery, i.e., healing of a person as a whole. Homeopaths believe in nursing the overall health of a person, physical, social, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual, by practicing natural science. It helps develop personality (character), creativity, attaining inner joy, and becoming mentally healthy. 

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Benefits of Homeopathic Treatment 

  • Reduce Depression and Anxiety 
  • Boost Immunity 
  • Improves Body Resistance 
  • No Side-Effects 
  • Addiction Free 

Homeopathy is one of the safest treatment options. Whether it’s an acute or chronic disease, homeopathy remedy can help cure it permanently but gradually. It is safe for kids, adults, and even pregnant women but with proper consultation from doctors.

In homeopathic medicine, it is believed that a patient is considered cured when there is nothing wrong with the person. So, when choosing Homeopathy, please have patience and believe in the process.

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