Patient name : J*******a

Id number :10957

Disease: Respiratory Tract Allergy

Recently a sweet girl aged 10 years visited a clinic in so much distress. Her cough bouts were not making her breathe properly. Eating selectively for this girl is still tolerable than not being able to breathe and imagine for each single breath is dependent anytime on inhalers /nebulizers ? Her family’s faith in true homoeopathy brought this child to Homeoclinic.

Currently she is free from clutches of so many medicines and selective food items and has started attending her school ,which earlier she could not.
We believe that it’s right of every child to have a sunny, healthy, happy childhood. At the age of 10, she took her first step in a happy childhood.

“J******a would always keep ill and suffer with conditions like cough, cold, vomiting, skin problem, eyes problem and even more. Due to poor digestion, my child would starve everytime we go outside and this was killing me as a mother. But then someone introduced us to Homeoclinic and it turned out to be a blessing. Dr. Randeep Nanda took all the medical history into consideration before even starting any treatment procedure and initially we were a bit unsure about homeopathy but his treatment did wonders to our child and she started responding so well to the treatment. In no time, she was able to get rid of the inhaler nebulizer which she had to consume 6-7 times. Her cough and cold were gone and she seemed stronger than ever. We can’t thank homeoclinic enough for saving our daughter.” – Parents

Patient name : D******r

Id number :9798

Disease: Rheumatoid Arthritis

A female D******r with ID 9798 known case of Rheumatoid Arthritis visited in August 2015. Along with this autoimmune problem , she was having multiple other problems like Hirsutism,Breathlessness and Keratoconjunctivitis sicca/Dry eye syndrome. She was on handful/bags of tablets of allopathic medicines for each ailment including steroids. On starting our treatment she stopped all medicines as she was tired of taking it.

“I started my treatment from Dr Nanda in August 2015. I was facing a lot of problems, then Dr Nanda doctors treated me so well. Dr Nancy helped a lot and now my problem has been decreased. Earlier I was facing hair problems, then I started treatment and my problem has been finished. I was also having eye problems .My eyes were so dry and now the dryness has decreased. I was also having breathing problems and now it has been controlled. I am very happy with Dr Nanda. They treated me so well, their doctors listened my every problem” – Patient

Patient name : A****n & D****i

Id number :11264

Disease: Atopic Dermatitis and Throat Infection

17th April 2017, 2 kids of a medico background mother visited us. A***** with Atopic dermatitis and his sister D*****i with recurrent throat infection every few days. Being the apple of eyes of the whole family , nobody could see the boy scratching and itching his body always and so was the health of the girl where she could not eat as free as other kids of her age because of her recurring sickness. “Doctors are really good, prompt action whenever i called in any emergency situation. Dr Nanda really made my life easier as both of my kids improved their immunity with medicine, fully satisfactory treatment.” – Parents

Patient name : DR. R*****i

Id number :10866

Disease: Depression

Dr R*****i visited homeoclinic on 6th of April, 2017 after searching for the clinic online with the ray of hope in her eyes as she was suffering from Clinical depression and altered sleeping patterns along with anxiety. She was seeking light out of darkness. Her depression and anxiety was resulting in a breaking point in her career. She was struggling day in and day out.

“Being a doctor myself and with very less effect of allopathic treatment, I wasn’t much sure if homeopathy could be my saviour but the homeopathy treatment helped me to become more calm and composed. I got back my hope of being productive again and soon i was able to do my daily errands happily and look forward to a better life. All thanks to you Dr Nanda” – Patient

Patient name : K****** S****h

Id number :10066


Mr. K******* approached us on 22nd Feb, 2016 with a condition of throat cancer and very little hope to recover. He had been detected with cancer for over four months when he came to Homeoclinic and we just assured him that we’ll do our best to help him get better. With the conditions so severe, he was on the verge of losing his voice, had lost a terrible amount of weight and had very less appetite. Over months of treatment and with constant examination, his condition was getting better and in less than two year, he was able to recover completely. This was nothing less than a miracle for him and a reward for believing in Homeopathy for Dr. Nanda.
“Homeoclinic gave me my second life and i can’t thank Dr. Randeep Nanda enough for saving my life. He and homeoclinic left no stone unturned in defeating my cancer. Today, i stand here happy, healthy and hearty and i give the entire credit to homeopathy and its believer and practitioner, Dr. Randeep Nanda.