Homeopathy the science

“Like cures like”

Under Homeopathy, a natural substance capable of triggering particular symptoms, can also act as a cure by empowering the immunity when consumed in a minimal quantity

“No side effects”

Considered as the safest medical treatment trusted for its greater results and no side effects, homeopathy has treated millions around the globe for more than three centuries

“Cure the person in disease”

The science of homeopathy cures the person in disease by empowering the immunity using natural substances and aims at attaining the holistic healing for oneself

homeopathic physician

Dr. Randeep Nanda, a homeopath practising holistic healing for over two decades

A Teacher

With a profound knowledge of his subject, Dr. Nanda is highly admired as a teacher amongst his national and international students

An Author

Keeping proficient with the subject of Repertory, Dr. Nanda shares the honor of being co-author for “ Encyclopedia of Repertory”

The Visionary

With introduction of GETFIT, a food intolerance test by Dr. Nanda, his vision towards futuristic measures in healthcare is impeccable


Not just a clinic but an approach towards holistic healing

Homeoclinic specializes in treating the patient in disease with its comprehensive approach and cures the disease naturally to avoid its recurrence and side effects. With Dr. Nanda’s expertise and a skilled team of homeopaths, countless cases have been treated completely and observed with a healthier lifestyle post the treatment. Homeoclinic persists in the practice of holistic healing and will continue to bring positive changes in human healthcare naturally.

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Successful treatments for skin ailments, respiratory problems, hormonal disorders, thyroid, short-height, asthma, adenoids, tonsillitis etc, makes us a multi-speciality homeopathy clinic with our expertise in the following:

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What Patients Says

Our child was suffering from Autism and we had very little hope for his recovery until we met Dr. Randeep Nanda. The treatment started in 2012 and today our child has completely recovered and goes to a normal school. This wasn’t less than any miracle

Charu Marwaha
Client Image

My husband was diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus type 2 in 2014 and the allopathic medicine further led to more complications but thanks to Dr. Nanda who not only helped my husband get his sugar levels to normal but also got him rid of heavy dosage of allopathy.

Dr. Amita Sharma
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My child was suffering from autism and this was heart-breaking to live with this everyday but thanks to Dr. Randeep Nanda, my child recovered and is now able to live a better life

Ms. Shalini Mittal
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depression can lead to suicidal tendencies and my clinical depression was leading me to the worst decisions. I am glad I explored homeoclinic and also my treatment to this chronicle suffering of mine

Sukhmani Sandhu
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Cancer was defeating me everyday. First my health, then my voice, then my appetite and eventually my will to live was lost but thanks to Homeoclinic, i recovered and was able to defeat my cancer

Kuldeep Singh
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