Running nose, itchy skin, bloated stomach, breathing problems, swelling, nausea, limp body, etc., are often mistaken as hypersensitivity to things around us, but they are the symptoms. The best allergy specialist in Chandigarh believes that it’s imperative to identify the signs in time to get proper allergy treatment before it exaggerates. Our immune system adjusts according to our environment, and when it feels something foreign in the body, it attacks it to protect us.

Sensitivity to anything is your body’s exaggerated response to contact with allergens present in the environment, food substances, or transferred genetically and can happen at any given point irrespective of your age or gender. 

The symptoms can range from making the person’s life miserable to having life-threatening reactions. If not treated or mistreated, the hypersensitivity to anything can last for a lifetime and develop into chronic diseases.

Patients try to cure or suppress such issues with artificial medication, but the best natural treatment is to boost immunity within oneself with Homeopathy.

Causes of Allergies

Homeopathy allergy and immunology doctor states that depending upon the triggering agent, also known as an allergen, the various sources of an allergic reaction play a vital role in the treatment.


In April and May, when pollen is high in the air, people tend to develop a sensitivity called 'hay fever' with signs like cough, running nose, etc.


Celiac disease and gluten intolerance are the typical allergic reactions developed due to the consumption of wheat and its products like bread, cookies, etc.


Milk can develop a dairy sensitivity, especially in kids and infants, and exhibits symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, trouble, breathing, etc.


Peanuts, tree nut, and other seeds can cause an allergic reaction ranging from mild symptoms to life-threatening like anaphylaxis, etc.


Dust particles are among the most common allergens around us and can trigger asthma and eczema, etc.

Poor Hygiene

Unsanitized surrounding and low hygiene regimes can invite various skin problems leading to poor skin conditions.

Types of Allergies

Depending upon the allergen and body's immunity response towards them, sensitivities could be of different kinds. Doctor for Allergies says that the reaction could last a season, a year, and at worst even go lifelong if not treated properly.

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Cure your sensitivities with the best allergy specialist in Chandigarh

Cure your allergy

At HomeoClinic, treat the allergic agents by empowering the immune system with natural substances and enabling it to fight back the disease without provoking any sensitive response in an individual. Contrary to the conventional approach of avoiding the allergens for a lifetime, our homeopathic healing cures the allergic condition in patients and help them lead an everyday life.

The best allergy specialist in Chandigarh understands the root cause of sensitivity by profoundly studying the patient’s lifestyle and choices regarding food, physical activity, work management, and emotional well-being. The in-depth analysis helps the allergy and immunology doctor find the various reaction triggers and treat them with natural substances to curb any hypersensitive effect. With consistent follow-ups and change in lifestyle, we hold a long list of successful cases exhibiting complete recovery with no side-effects and zero recurrences of the symptoms.

HomoeoClinic Success

With its unique approach towards treating an individual, the best allergy specialist in Chandigarh has successfully treated patients with different ailments and has helped them recover holistically. Know More