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The clinic is lauded for its comprehensive treatment as the patient here is cured with heart and soul”

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4 well known Homeopathic medicine for nappy rash

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 Autism between different age group, how can homeopathy help?

Autism between different age group, how can homeopathy help?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is indeed a complicated developmental disorder characterised by persistent impairments in social involvement, speech, especially nonverbal expression, as well as repetitive behavioural tendencies. This is a chronic illness that is generally identified in childhood. Yet, the…

 Liver Cirrhosis Homeopathy Treatment

Liver Cirrhosis Homeopathy Treatment

One of the most vital organs of the human body is the liver. It is wedge-shaped and reddish-brown with multidimensional functions. The liver is an accessory digestive organ. It is responsible for metabolic detoxification, synthesising proteins and producing biochemicals vital…

 Homeopathic Treatment for Vitiligo

Homeopathic Treatment for Vitiligo

It was in the 19th century that homoeopathic treatment gained popularity as an alternative system of medicine. Homoeopathic treatment can be dated back to 1796. It was a German physician named Samuel Hahnemann, who founded homoeopathy as an alternative system…

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At HomeoClinic, the multi-speciality homeopathy clinic, we believe in taking care of personal health: physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and intellectual, by practicing natural science and curing patients in disease without the signs of recurrence harmful aftermath.

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