Fistula and Fissure, can they be treated using Homeopathy?
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What are Fistula and Fissure? Can they be treated using Homeopathy?

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What are Fistula and Fissure? Can they be treated using Homeopathy?

 What are Fistula and Fissure? Can they be treated using Homeopathy?

Fistula and Fissure explained, symptoms of the condition

Fistula and Fissure are two anus related problems that are often confused with each other and Piles. Fistula refers to a medical situation in which the area around the anus develops a funnel that is not needed in the human body and gives a lot of pain to the patient. Fissure is a tear in the lining of the tissue in the anus and it is again very painful for the patient.

Fistula can be recognised by the development of the pus around the anus, the pus also brings swelling to the area around the anus and the area may stink due to the accumulation of pus. The problem of bleeding and pains during the passage of stool may also indicate the occurrence of Fistula.

A person might develop fever and feel lethargic as an indication of developing Fistula.

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Fissure more or less has similar ways of being spotted like Fistula. The difference that may be here is that in Fissures a visible marking or crack may be noticeable near the anus, there might be extra skin growing and forming a lump near the anus and very dark blood may be excreted along with the stools. This shows why anus related problems like fistula and fissure are such serious issues and must be dealt with immediately.

Different types of Fistulas that a person may have to deal with

diagnose fistula and fissure

Anal/Perianal Fistula

The fistula that takes place between the anal canal and the perianal skin comes under this type of fistula. There are more than one type of these fistulas, fistula in the midst of the anal canal and perianal skin is called Anorectal fistula, a fistula between the vagina and anus is known as the Rectovaginal or Anovaginal fistula and Colovaginal fistula is the one that occurs between colon and vagina.

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Urinary Tract Fistula

The urinary tract may develop an opening that does not need to exist and it may do so in itself or with another organ and this is when it is called a Urinary tract fistula. Vesicouterine, Vesicovaginal and Urethrovaginal fistulas are three types of urinary tract fistulas and they indicate the presence of fistulas between bladder and uterus, bladder and vagina and urethra and vagina respectively.

Other types of fistula that may exist are Enteroenteral and Colocutaneous fistulas that exist between both intestines, small intestine and colon respectively.

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How to Diagnose Fistula and Fissure

Fistula can be detected merely by looking for an opening on the skin around the anus. However, if an opening is not visible then special devices might be needed that are inserted inside the anus or the rectum of the patient to look for fistulas.

An ultrasound or MRI may also be used to check for a fistula and sometimes the patient is given anaesthesia before they can be checked for fistulas in an operating room.

More or less like fistula, fissures too can be determined by looking at the skin around the anus but here it is done for a tear. Anoscope can be used to check the anus and rectum for both fistulas and fissures, however, Sigmoidoscopy or Colonoscopy are two more reliable methods that the doctor had for checking a fissure.

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Role of Homeopathy in curing Fistula and Fissure (Anal fissure)

Homoeopathic treatment is very effective in treating numerous pains and troubles that people might have. In the case of Anal fissure too homoeopathy comes in like a saviour. Homoeopathy takes into consideration various factors of a person’s life.

From their medical history to their a person’s lifestyle and eating habits play an important role in the development of an Anal fissure. Homoeopathy uses non-surgical methods to improve the blood circulation in the affected area as it has a targeted effect at the root cause of the problem.

This takes care of the pain that might be bothering the patient other than that homoeopathy also solves a lot of the problems related to the stomach, intestines and rectum that indirectly play a part in paving way for a fistula and thus solves the problem effectively.

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The best homoeopathy treatment for fissure and fistula not only saves the person from having surgery but also makes sure that the protection offered is lasting and safe and also comes without side effects.

Problems that Anal fistula can cause if left untreated

The first of many problems that untreated Anal fistula can cause is recurring perianal abscesses, if the pus bubble bursts and is left untreated then there is a good chance that a new pus bubble will be formed causing more pain and trouble to the area around the anus. The skin also might start bleeding and there might be blood-filled pus that starts forming around the anus area. Faecal incontinence is another serious issue that may take place in a person’s body if the anal fistula is not dealt with.

Cellulitis and life-threatening Sepsis may also not be a farfetched scenario if the Anal fistula is not taken care of. The untreated fistula can cause inflammation of the skin that might reach the whole body on an internal level and cause the patient to succumb to death due to the failure of multiple organs.

While all of this is a too advanced stage all of this can be avoided simply by taking the homoeopathy treatment for fissure and fistula. Taking the homoeopathy medicine timely and following a proper and healthy diet should be enough to get a person to drift away from any such issues.

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