Can Homeopathy Medicine help in Treating Anxiety?

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Can Homeopathy Medicine help in Treating Anxiety?

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Can Homeopathy Medicine help in Treating Anxiety?

 Can Homeopathy Medicine help in Treating Anxiety?

Emotions such as happiness, surprise, sadness, fear, worry, anger, disgust, etc., are part and parcel of our everyday life. Anxiety is an emotion that can be of various forms like fear, nervousness, tension, worry, alarm, hopelessness, etc. It is our body’s natural response to the feeling of uneasiness and stress. For example, we experience nervousness when making an important decision, going for a job interview, feeling butterflies in the stomach when speaking in public, etc.

Facing a certain amount of anxiety is natural and beneficial as it helps us prepare ourselves for specific situations, stay alert, avoid dangerous situations, take decisions with caution, etc. It is merely the anticipation of things that will happen in the future that a person often ends up making a mountain out of a mole-hill. In such a way, this problem starts to interfere with the individual’s life.

For most people, this includes both adults and kids; the feeling only lasts for a short period of time, i.e., it comes and goes. But in some cases, at a certain point in time, these feelings can worsen and become a psychological disorder (anxiety disorder), which may require a doctor’s immediate attention and consultation.

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Homeopathy Medicine for Anxiety has proven to be beneficial for providing relief from such issues.

Anxiety Symptoms –

The most common symptom of anxiety is excessive fear and stress. But the specific signs may vary based on the type of the disorder. Based on the marks, meeting a homeopathic doctor is the best option to receive timely and best possible treatment. Symptoms people may experience are –

  • Muscle tension
  • Disturbed sleeping pattern
  • Change in appetite
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Restlessness
  • Putting one’s mind in one place
  • Heavy breathing
  • Constant shaking
  • Panic
  • Feeling of danger and doom
  • Unable to stay calm
  • Uneasiness
  • Tingling in hands and feet
  • Numbness
  • Dryness in mouth
  • Dizziness
  • Rapid Heart Beat
  • Nausea
  • Excess perspiration

Causes –

Some causes of the disorder are:

Brain Chemistry

Doctors have stated that the problem may be linked to misalignment of electrical brain signals (a faulty circuit that controls emotions) and hormones.

Environmental Stress Factors

Disturbed personal relationships, problematic professional ambiance, triggers such as the death of near and dear ones or any other sudden loss, etc. among others

Medical Conditions

The symptoms or medications of pre-existing medical issues such as diabetes, thyroid, etc., can worsen the situation.


When there is a family history of such problems.

Misuse of prescribed drugs or leaving them suddenly

There are medicines meant for easing the effect of stress and associated problems. Incorrectly taking them or stopping using them suddenly can have serious repercussions.

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Self Help Remedies –

Although Homeopathy Medicine for Anxiety can help relieve the disorder, adopting some steps along the treatment can help control the symptoms and manage the stress/worry.

Some of the tips you can adopt are:

Be knowledgeable

Gain knowledge about your issue as much as possible. As you know – Knowledge is power. It will be easy to manage your case if you have all the information about it.

Keep a check for triggers

Keep note of things around the time you start to feel anxious so that you can identify the pattern, and next time around, either avoid or control them. Knowing the causes and signs can help you lessen your worries and keep an open perspective about your issue.

Keep Patience

Every medical treatment takes time, especially Homeopathy Medicine for Anxiety; therefore, it’s up to you to keep patience and let the medicine take its time. Suddenly stopping medicine thinking it is not working can cause more harm and even worsen the symptoms.

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Be socially active

Go out, meet friends, do volunteer work, keep your mind busy this will help you find a support system and control your emotions.

Avoid caffeine and alcohol

Caffeinated and alcoholic drinks are capable of altering moods, so they can make your signs worse.

Try to Relax and exercise healthy sleeping Habits

Proper sleep can solve many problems and be healthy. So, adopt a proper sleep pattern and make it a compulsion, follow it diligently.

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The problem is nothing but our disturbed psychology, which can be taken care of by some medication and self-care. Homeopathy Medicine for Anxiety helps us improve our overall health, i.e., it works by seeking insight into our psychological health and history. Natural medicine is safe for health, and there is no risk of drug dependency due to its prolonged use.

Take precautions on your part, keep tabs on your symptoms and if needed, immediately seek a doctor’s assistance.

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