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Homeopathic treatment for Lipomas – Amazing Guide

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Homeopathic treatment for Lipomas – Amazing Guide

 Homeopathic treatment for Lipomas – Amazing Guide

What are Lipomas?

Lipomas are fatty skin lumps that can appear anywhere and are often harmless. It is often round or oval-shaped and situated between the top skin and the underlying layer of muscle. It feels rubbery and moves around when touched but does not cause any pain. Although they can appear anywhere on the body, you’ll usually find them on the back, arms, torso, neck, or shoulders.

It is important to note here that they are not cancerous and don’t need treatment. However, if you are bothered by them, you can always opt for homeopathic treatment for lipomas to deal with the condition. Homeopathy doesn’t produce any side effects but the condition subsides over time.

Types of lipoma


No matter the type, lipomas are essentially fatty tumours, benign yet highly uncomfortable. Some even happen to contain tissues and blood vessels. As such, they have been divided into different categories, as we have highlighted here:

  • Angiolipoma: These happen to be painful and contain blood vessels and fat.
  • Fibrolipoma: This type of lipoma is made up of fibrous tissues and fat.
  • Conventional: Conventional lipomas are mostly made up of white fat cells and are completely harmless and cause no pain.
  • Spindle Cell: These fat cells are longer, slow-growing, and attack the neck, back, and shoulders, mostly of aged men.
  • Myelolipoma: These lipomas are formed of fat and tissues that are directly involved in the production of blood cells.
  • Hibernoma: This type of lipomas is primarily made of brown fat that is responsible for the generation and regulation of heat in our bodies.

It is important to note here that there are many types of lipomas. What we have listed are the most popular types, but there are other less common types that homeopathy can adequately diagnose and treat.

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Causes of Lipomas

The medical sector remains uncertain about the exact cause of lipomas. However, most healthcare providers believe it is a genetically passed down disease. This is known as hereditary multiple lipomatosis. But, there are some other causes of the disease that have been listed below:

  • Decrum’s Disease: This disorder is quite rare and mostly the chief cause behind painful lipomas. It is alternatively known as Anders’ syndrome.
  • Gardner Syndrome: It is a form of familial adenomatous polyposis (FAP). It causes cyst formation, tumours, and lipomas.
  • Madelung’s Disease: Men who drink excess alcohol often fall victim to this disease. As a result, lipomas start forming around the neck and shoulder region and this is also called multiple symmetric lipomatosis.

Symptoms of Lipomas

People often confuse lipomas and cancerous formations. However, remember that cancerous cells start becoming painful after a while whereas lipomas remain painless throughout. However, if they are pressed against a joint or nerve, they become uncomfortable. Most of the time, you wouldn’t notice any symptoms at all. However, there might be some growth and appearance of fatty tissues that mark out lipomas.

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Some common signs are:

  • Painless Formations: If you notice lumps forming around your torso, neck, or other body parts, these are the first signs of lipomas. They are usually painless but are located close to a blood vessel, they can cause severe discomfort. Also, the absence of pain depends on the location where the formation is.
  • Contained: Cancerous cells often start spreading around. However, that’s not the case with lipomas. The growth is contained and doesn’t spread to the surrounding tissues.
  • Shape: Lipomas are rubbery in structure and are either oval-shaped or round. They resemble fatty lumps and have different dimensions.
  • Size: Most cases of lipomas see a formation that has a diameter of less than 2 inches. However, rare cases have seen lumps as wide as 6 inches.
  • Movable: One of the most distinguishing characteristics of lipomas is that they don’t form a hard mass under the skin’s surface. They move as you touch them.

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Lipomas present themselves in various forms. Usually, you can locate them in the following areas:

  • Legs and arms
  • Neck
  • Back
  • Shoulders and torso
  • Forehead
  • Armpits

However, sometimes they occur in the respiratory region, oropharynx, on the superior vena cava, in the spinal cord, and intestines.


Lipomas can easily be diagnosed through a physical examination conducted by a certified medical professional. They might touch the area and ask certain questions, that you must answer to the best of your memory.

Going further, a biopsy may be needed to rule out cancer and a sample is removed from the skin and sent to the lab for proper examination.

Sometimes, lipomas and cysts can be mixed up, and therefore doctors recommended a CT scan, MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), or an ultrasound. These imaging tests help conclude whether the lumps are cysts or lipomas. Besides, if internally located, it helps determine how deep the formation is and whether it has blood vessels or is pressing against any nerve in the body.

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Complications of Lipomas

Complications due to lipomas are rare and if treated at the outset through homeopathy, then chances are next to none. However, sometimes, lipomas can lead to complications and haemorrhages if located at unsuitable locations.

Moreover, if located close to the respiratory tract, it can lead to breathing difficulties. Lastly, most people want to remove lipomas since it is a cosmetic issue that impacts self-esteem.

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Allopathic treatment of Lipomas

There are ways to treat lipomas in allopathy. However, all these procedures are invasive. It includes:

  • Surgeries
  • Biopsies
  • Endoscopic procedures to remove lipoma in the GI tract

Homeopathic treatment for Lipomas

Homeopathy is a non-invasive way to treat lipoma. It has tremendous scope and can provide long-term results, without producing any side effects. Some ways in which homeopathy treats lipomas include:

  • Reduces the size and prevents enlargement
  • Hinders the progression of lipomas and prevents their formation
  • Reduces chances of complications such as haemorrhages
  • Reduces discomfort associated with the condition

Best Homeopathic Medicines for Lipoma

Although the internet will give you several recommendations, it is not advisable to take medication without consulting a doctor. So, we recommend visiting a good homeopathic clinic and consulting with the best homeopathy doctor for lipoma and other such growths. They will find the root of the issue, ask relevant questions, and then prescribe medication depending on your needs, age, and medical history.

Surgery for lipomas?

Surgery for lipomas is possible and is often conducted if it is located at a dangerous place. However, few people would like to remove it for cosmetic reasons. We recommend opting for surgery as a last resort as they are not 100% effective and some lipomas continue to grow at the site of surgery. You must try alternative medicine before the surgery. For example, Homeopathic treatment for lipomas, it produces no side effects and can efficiently treat the condition without invasion.

How can opt for this treatment?

You should consult a homeopathic doctor as soon as you notice the formation of fatty lumps. Usually, they will prescribe a 4–6-month medication course that will shrink the existing lumps and also prevent the growth of new ones by sabotaging your body’s disposition to form lumps.

So, visit a reputed homeopathic clinic at the earliest.

Lipomas FAQs

1. Can Lipomas Be Prevented ?

Since lipomas occur due to various factors (mostly genetic) that are beyond your control, you cannot prevent them. However, drinking less alcohol can lessen your chances of developing Madelung’s disease which causes lipomas.

2. Do Lipomas Grow Back ?

Post homeopathic treatment, the chances of lipoma growing back in the same region is negligible. However, if your body is pre-disposed to lump formation, it might grow in a different region.

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3. When should I consult with a Doctor ?

Always consult with a doctor if you notice lump formation. Cysts, cancerous cells, and harmful tumours, if diagnosed at early stages, can be treated. Lipoma is harmless but a proper diagnosis is needed before you can rule out the other three issues. Even though it does not seem like a big deal, it is better to be safe than sorry.

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