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Homeopathic treatment for short height in kids

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Homeopathic treatment for short height in kids

 Homeopathic treatment for short height in kids

Kids, who suffer from short heights, do not grow as tall as people of their age, ethnicity, and gender. Their growth is restricted due to several factors and indicates a disorder. Usually, a child is considered to be of short stature if their height is two deviations lower than the reference growth chart.

Homeopathy aims at treating growth disorders in children, without having any adverse impact on their health. It gets to the root cause of the condition and provides holistic and effective treatment. As parents, it is only natural to be concerned about your child’s lack of growth. Therefore, opting for homeopathy will ensure the condition is treated in the following ways, with no side-effects:

  • Better food absorption for proper nutrients
  • Restore the balance of vitamins and essential minerals in the body
  • Treat genetic conditions that hamper the growth and development of the child
  • Provide adequate treatment for conditions like down-syndrome, hormonal problems, and so on.

Causes of Short Height in Kids

When it comes to your kid’s short height, it’s important to understand the factors that might be contributing to their condition. Given below are some causes of short heights in kids:

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Many children suffer from a lack of proper nutrition. This can be caused by an underlying eating disorder, lack of appetite, an inability to absorb nutrients from food, as well as inadequate supply of food. It is a common cause for delay in growth.


Many children have short stature as a result of their genetics. If both parents are of short stature, this might be a factor in the child’s short height as well. This is known as familial short stature.

Deficiency of Growth Hormones

Some children do not produce the necessary amount of growth hormones that can exacerbate their short height condition. Usually, children born with a malfunctioning pituitary gland do not secrete sufficient growth hormones.

Chronic Diseases or Genetic Conditions

Some children are born with certain genetic disorders like Down syndrome, Noonan syndrome, and Turner syndrome. Similarly, diseases such as an early onset of diabetes, poorly functioning pituitary glands, brain damaged by radiation, immunological diseases, treatment of paediatric cancer are all factors that lead to short height in kids.

Psychological Stress

Although this factor is frequently overlooked, the lack of a home environment that is nurturing can affect the growth of kids.

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It is difficult to detect the early onset of short stature, because most parents are not aware of the average growth rate. You can make use of a kid’s growth calculator to see how your kid fares on the growth scale, as compared to their peers.

  • If your child’s average height is two deviations below people of their age, gender, and ethnicity, then it is important to seek treatment.
  • If the weight of the child is less or more than average, it is a signal of some underlying condition or an inability to absorb nutrients from food.
  • Certain genetic disorders that are present in kids by birth can lead to short height in kids. It is important to keep a track of your child’s height and weight, and in case they are not growing according to the growth chart, seek immediate treatment.

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Homeopathy provides safe treatment for short height in kids.

A good homeopathic doctor will provide a proper solution for your child’s condition. They will examine their growth rate, ask relevant questions to the parents, and prescribe medications accordingly.

Homeopathy strives to eliminate the root cause of short heights, without affecting the overall health of the child. It is a reliable treatment because you get fantastic results with no side-effects.

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