Menopause Problems 6 effective homeopathic medicines
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6 Most effective homeopathic remedies for menopause

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6 Most effective homeopathic remedies for menopause

 6 Most effective homeopathic remedies for menopause

Menopause is a natural biological process. But the physical symptoms, such as hot flashes, and emotional symptoms of menopause may disrupt your sleep, lower your energy or affect emotional health.

Problems during menopause

Hot flashes

Hot flashes are common around the time of menopause. They cause a person to feel a sudden sensation of heat in the upper body. The sensation may start in the face, neck, or chest and progress upward or downward.

A hot flash can also cause:

Sleep disturbances

Sleep problems can arise during menopause, and they may stem from:

  • anxiety
  • night sweats
  • an increased need to urinate

Emotional changes

Depression, anxiety, and low mood are common during menopause. It is not unusual to experience times of irritability and crying spells.

Hormonal changes and sleep disturbances can contribute to these issues. Also, a person’s feelings about menopause may come into play. For example, distress about low libido or the end of fertility can contribute to depression during menopause.

Vaginal dryness and discomfort

Vaginal dryness, itching, and discomfort may start during perimenopause and continue into menopause. A person with any of these symptoms may experience chafing and discomfort during vaginal sex. Also, if the skin breaks, this can increase the risk of infection.

Some people might also experience:

  • Racing heart.
  • Headaches.
  • Joint pain and muscle aches.
  • Changes in libido (sex drive).
  • Difficulty concentrating or memory lapses (often temporary).
  • Weight gain.
  • Hair loss or thinning.
  • Urinary urgency (a pressing need to pee more frequently).
  • Dry skin, dry eyes or dry mouth.
  • Breast tenderness.

Is homeopathy effective for problems associated with the menopause?

Homeopathy is now widely accepted all over the world because it is effective and risk-free when it comes to treating problems associated with menopause.

What are the best homeopathic medicines for problems associated with the menopause?

6 most effective homeopathic remedies for menopause symptoms include the following.

Homeopathic medicine Symptoms Better Worse
Actaea rac (cimicifuga) Pain in ovarian
region, nausea and
vomiting. Headache
associated with worry
Warmth and after
In the morning
and in the cold
Arnica Sore nipples Lying down With touch and
Caulophyllum Spasmodic and
severe pains in
abdominal region.
Warmth Open air
Hamamelis Bearing down pain in back, vagina irritable and tender, sore nipples In open air and rest In warm, moist air
Ignatia Disinterest in sexual
activity, dry
spasmodic cough.
Very light sleep
While eating In the morning
Pulsatilla Patient fears to be
alone and likes
sympathy. Dyspepsia
after a meal.
Open air and motion Heat


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