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Homeopathy Medicines for Anxiety and shock

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Homeopathy Medicines for Anxiety and shock

 Homeopathy Medicines for Anxiety and shock

A person has emotional distress or sudden fright, their body releases adrenaline into the bloodstream, but this usually reverses itself in a healthy person. This is where the confusion in the term ‘shock’ sometimes occurs. This ‘non-medical shock’ is a response to anxiety or fear.

How Anxiety May Cause Shock?

Shock symptoms are very different than “going into shock.” Going into shock is a medical term for a rapid loss of blood pressure, and you are at severe risk of injury or death.

Anxiety doesn’t have this problem. What anxiety does have are intermittent feelings of “shock” as though electric bolts are passing through your body. They’re a part of many anxiety disorders, especially panic disorder.

While some people feel their entire body experiences a shock all at once, most people have it in only specific areas, like the legs or the hands.

Symptoms of anxiety and shock

Experiencing body jolts, zaps, shocks, tremors, and shivers is a common symptom of elevated stress, including the stress caused by overly apprehensive behaviour.

Is homeopathy effective for anxiety and shock?

Homeopathy is a relatively safe option to explore for naturally relieving your anxiety and shock. Homeopathic remedies have been used for a long time for treating anxiety in some people.

What are the best homeopathic medicines for anxiety and shock?

Homoeopathy has many medicines which help to treat anxiety and shock conditions.

8 best homeopathic medicines for anxiety and shock.

Homeopathic medicine Symptoms Better Worse
Aconite Very restless, fear of the
future and crowds
In open air, in
the evening and
at night
Noise and light
Argentum nit Fearful and nervous, impulsive In fresh air From warmth and at night
Arnica Nervous, does not like
to be touched or
Lying down Motion and cold
Arsenic album Great fear and despair, restless Heat and warm
In wet weather
and with food
Gelsemium Stage fright, desire to be quiet and left alone Open air Excitement and
bad news
Ignatia Sad and tearful Movement In morning and
after food
Lycopodium Melancholy, Loss of self-confidence, Skin problems With activity Heat
Phosphorus Easily upset. Over-sensitive After sleep and after washing with cold water After physical or
mental exertion


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