Getting Cold Frequently? Here Are 6 Reasons Why
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Getting Cold Frequently? Here Are 6 Reasons Why

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Getting Cold Frequently? Here Are 6 Reasons Why

 Getting Cold Frequently? Here Are 6 Reasons Why


Cough and cold symptoms include a runny nose, scratchy throat, and headaches. This awful cold and cough may knock anyone off their feet over several days, and believe it, no one loves it. While there are various options for treating this illness, homeopathy is thought to be highly beneficial. Homeopathy remedies are created from natural ingredients and have almost zero negative effects.

If someone is getting cold very easily and very frequently, then there might have several reasons. Some acute reasons, such as allergies, and low immunity can be treated by homeopathic medicines which also will help to prevent several suffering and illness in the future.  Homeopathy is a science of medicine researched and used for over 200 years, which has proven effects on acute diseases without any harmful effects.

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Why you are getting cold frequently

Adults, on average, get 2 to 3 colds every year, according to the CDC. When you know the average cold will last seven to ten days, it equates to 18 to 20 days every year.

Although this may not appear to be much, the ordinary cold can be incapacitating, especially if you are one of the several people who get numerous colds every year. It’s critical to identify the cause of your repeated colds, which can range from lost work days and decreased productivity to a decrease in your capacity to engage in daily activities.

Here are some basic 6 reasons for which you are suffering from cold frequently.

You smoke cigarettes

Smoking is one of the causes of frequent colds. Cigarette smoke compounds have been proven to inhibit the immune system’s normal response.

Smoking temporarily destroys the microscopic small hairs in the respiratory tract, which ordinarily serve to clean out mucus and debris that transport germs. By destroying these hairs, you increase your chances of contracting respiratory infections such as the common cold.

Your hygiene is disgusting

If you’re not taking care of personal hygiene, let’s not be shocked if you get the cold on a frequent basis. When you don’t practice good hand hygiene, you’re creating an atmosphere that encourages repeated infections like the common cold. This is why viral particles produced by the cold virus can easily spread, especially if hand hygiene is neglected.

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You’re stressed

Stress can reduce the quantity of immune cells and dull the immunological system’s response to infection, weakening the immune system’s potential to tackle the infection.

You’ve been sleeping poorly

Do you start waking up refreshed and prepared to confront the day, or do you snooze your alarm? If you don’t get the required 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night, you may be increasing your chances of being sick.

Sleep deprivation has an impact that extends beyond merely feeling weary and lethargic all of the time. Sleep deprivation has been related to a weakened immune system and increased exposure to the common cold.

You are not eating nutritious foods

If you eat unhealthy meals, your immunity system is probably less than normal, and you’re more likely to catch infections. Eliminate processed foods and sugars, which may impair immunological function. Instead, fill up on nutrient-dense whole meals like organic, grass-fed, and processed animal protein, vibrant salads, hearty soups, and green vegetables high in flu-fighting phytochemicals.

You have a weaker immune system

If you have a compromised immune system, you are more likely to suffer health issues like the common cold. In addition to recurring bronchitis, pneumonia, and sinus infections, repeated colds are also prevalent if your immune response is damaged.

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What are the symptoms of cold and fever?

An infectious disease of the respiratory system causes the common cold. Even when it doesn’t feel like it, it’s usually harmless. A common cold could be produced by a variety of different viruses. A healthy adult might expect to get two or three colds per year. Infants and toddlers may be more susceptible to colds. Most people recover from a common cold in the next week or ten days.

Few symptoms of the common cold are,

  • A stuffy or runny nose
  • Cough Congestion Sore throat
  • Mild body discomfort or a headache
  • Sneezing
  • Fever of low intensity
  • Feeling physically ill

As a common cold develops, the flow from your nasal may become clear and thicken, turning yellow or green. This does not always indicate a bacterial illness.

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How to treat cold with the help of homeopathy medicine?

Everyone’s reaction to cold differs, as well as some people, are far more vulnerable to cold than others. They are more susceptible to the typical cold, cough, running nose,  nasal block, congestion,  viral fever,  and sinus issues. Homeopathy is good for treating cold-related diseases or increased sensitivity to cold. Aside from the symptoms, homeopathy effectively treats the underlying reasons for cold sensitivity.

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