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Cold and flu

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Cold and flu

 Cold and flu

A common viral infection, of nose and throat. In contrast to the flu, a common cold can be caused by many different types of viruses.


  • Runny or stuffy nose
  • Sore throat
  • Cough
  • Congestion
  • Slight body aches or a mild headache
  • Sneezing
  • Low-grade fever
  • Generally feeling unwell

Is homeopathy effective for cold and flu?

Homeopathic medicines can help relieve symptoms at every stage of the cold.

What are the best homeopathic medicines for cold and flu?

Homeopathy can help to shorten the course of disease and provide relief from cold and flu symptoms.

6 Best homeopathic medicines for cold and flu.

Homeopathic medicine Symptoms Better Worse
Aconite Red inflamed eyes, coryza. Swollen
tongue. Sore throat. Hoarse, croupy
In open air In warm room
and at night
Allium cepa Acrid nasal discharge and bland eye
secretions. Eyes red. Headache
In open air and
cold room
In evening in
warm room
Arsen iod Slight hacking cough. Thin watery discharge from nose Open air and
after food
In dry weather
and exertion
Belladona Hot and flushed appearance. Nasal
coryza. Tickling dry cough
Sitting up Touch and noise and lying down
Bryonia Coryza with headache Rest and cold Warmth and motion
Eupatorium perf Coryza with sneezing. Hoarseness and cough Lying on back In cold air
Euphrasia Eye symptoms, acid lacrimation, bland
coryza. Frequent yawning
In cool In evening and
for warmth
Ferrum phosph Tickling cough, sore chest, sore throat.
Prone to nose bleed
Lying down Night and with
cold and motion
Gelsemium Difficulty in swallowing, halitosis In open air Damp weather
and excitement
Merc sol Bluish, red, sore throat. Thick discharge from eyes. Back pain Moderate
temperature and rest
Worse at night and warm room and warm bed
Nat mur Fluent coryza, 1–3 days then
stopped-up nose, burning in eyes
Open air In warm room and lying down
Nux vom Nose stuffed up especially at night. Eyes sensitive to light After sleep In the morning
Rhus tox Sore throat, sneezing and coryza
especially after getting wet. Dry cough
Change of position and stretching of limbs During sleep at night


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