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11 Common Homeopathic Medicines for Urinary Problems (acute).

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11 Common Homeopathic Medicines for Urinary Problems (acute).

 11 Common Homeopathic Medicines for Urinary Problems (acute).

A urinary tract infection, commonly known as UTI is one of the most common urinary problems and is an infection that occurs in the urinary tract. This condition can be very painful, and the consequences can get critical if the infection spreads to the kidneys.


  • The need to urinate frequently
  • The feeling that your bladder is always full, even after you have just urinated
  • Pain or burning sensation when urinating
  • Inability to pass the usual, normal amounts of urine
  • Discoloured urine/ blood in the urine
  • Strong odour in the urine
  • Expulsion of urine involuntarily when you laugh or sneeze
  • Uncontrolled, involuntary passage of urine, whether minor leaks or a full flow
  • Urine dribbling throughout the day and night

Is homeopathy effective for urinary problems?

Homeopathic remedies are often helpful during bladder infections (cystitis), relieving discomfort and encouraging quick recovery.

What are the best homeopathy medicines for urinary problems?

Homeopathy has many wonderful medicines which would help in the treatment of UTI without any side effects and permanently also. These are 11 common homeopathic medicines for urinary problems.

Homeopathic medicines Symptoms Better Worse
Acid nit Scanty urine, dark in
colour. Burning and
stinging sensation
Movement In evening and at night
Arg nit Burning pain and
itching. Divided stream
of urine
In fresh air and cold In warmth and at
Baryta carb Frequent urge to
Walking in open air In warm atmosphere
Cantharis Scalding urine passes
drop-wise. Constant
desire to urinate
Warmth Drinking cold water
Causticum Involuntary passage of
urine when coughing,
sneezing or excited
In warmth and
heat of bed
Cold air and
Lycopodium Pain in back before
urinating ceases after
flow. Much straining.
Polyuria during the
night. Male impotence
Being uncovered Heat or warm room
Nux vomica Irritable bladder,
frequent passage of
small quantities of urine
In the evening at rest In the morning and in the cold
Sabal serr Constant desire to urinate. Enuresis After sleep In the cold
Sarsaparilla Urine dribbles, bladder distended and tender. Child often screams before and while passing urine In dry cold air At night and after urinating
Silica Chronic cystitis.
Bearing-down sensation
Exercise and warmth of bed Cold air
Staphisagria Burning sensation
during urination.
May be associated
with prostatic
Warmth and rest at night Emotional upset
and tobacco.
Women – after
sexual activity


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