Upto 9 Months

By the age of 9 months, a parent should check for the following symptoms and in case of lacking criteria, one should immediately seek advice from a pediatrician.

General Screening

  • Observe if the child sits without any assistance.
  • Observe if the child recognizes the top and bottom of a toy.
  • Observe if the child says monosyllables.
  • Observe if the child is attached to mother and reflects any signs of resentment over separation.

Vision Screening

  • Move an object vertically and horizontally and observe if the child follows it in all directions.

Hearing Screening

  • Take a test where one person distracts the child’s attention while the other makes sound with a rattle on both sides alternately above and below at 3-6 feet behind at the infant’s ear level. Now observe in the child turns head towards the sound.