Upto 6 Weeks

By the age of 6 weeks, a parent should check for the following symptoms and in case of lacking criteria, one should immediately seek advice from a pediatrician.

General Screening

  • Observe a child during breastfeeding if it visually follows the mother while she moves and looks at the mother while breastfeeding.
  • Observe a child’s cry when it is hungry and when feeling cold/wet.
  • Observe when and if a child grasps or rattles the examiner finger. when placed in its hand
  • Observe if the child smiles listening to mother’s voice and if the mother is able to make the child smile while playing.

Vision Screening

Observe if a child looks at or gazes at the source of light when exposed to a bright light source or brought closer to a window.

Dietary Suggestions

At this age, a mother is advised to feed a child with breast milk following the schedule or whenever a child cries out of hunger. No other food, glucose water or even plain water should be fed to the child.