Upto 6 Months

By the age of 6 months, a parent should check for the following symptoms and in case of lacking criteria, one should immediately seek advice from a pediatrician.

General Screening

  •  Observe if the child sits alone for a short period.
  • Observe if the child produces vowel sound and babbling speech or baby speech.
  • Observe if the child transfers objects from one hand to another.
  • Observe if the child recognises the mother or the caretaker.
  • Observe if the child shows any distress if and when held by a stranger.

Vision Screening

  • Observe the child for any signs of squint; a condition of disability in both the eyes moving together.
  • Place a pellet or toy on the table and observe if the Baby reaches for it.


Teeth eruption usually takes place at this age. Observe for any discomfort or concerning condition while teething.

Hearing Screening

Make a sound at the level of an infant’s ear from behind with a cup and spoon observe if the infant turns his head towards the sound.