Upto 5 Years

By the age of 5 years, a parent should check for the following symptoms and in case of lacking criteria, one should immediately seek advice from a pediatrician.

General Screening

  • Observe if the child can hop on the foot thrice and throw a ball above the head. 
  • Observe if the child can identify the basic colors like red, blue, white, black and secondary colors like orange, grey, brown etc.
  • Observe if the child can identify objects of different lengths; the difference in lengths of two similar pencils, copy triangles and diamond shapes etc.

Vision Screening

  • Observe the vision and examine if the child addresses any blurry vision. EYE CHART should be used if defective vision is suspected and parents should immediately consult an ophthalmologist.

Hearing Screening

  • Observe if the child has a hearing problem. In case of a hearing disorder, PURE-TONE AUDIOMETRY Test is recommended.