Upto 3 Months

By the age of 3 months, a parent should check for the following symptoms and in case of lacking criteria, one should immediately seek advice from a pediatrician.

General Screening

  • Observe a child’s sleeping position and monitor if the child holds the head in a prone position or if it is sleeping on the tummy.
  • Observe if a child squeaks and watch for the giggle or laughter.
  • Observe if a child puts a finger or fist in and out of the mouth.

Vision Screening

  • Observe if a child notices toys, people around and turns its head to look at the faces of other people when you hold the child in your arms.
  • Observe if the child watches its own hands.

Hearing Screening

  • Make sound at the level of an infant’s ear from behind with a cup/katori, spoon or a low frequency rattles if available and observe for a startle response.
  • Observe if your child becomes quiet or smile in response to your voice even if you can’t be seen.