Homeopathy Medicine For Breastfeeding Problems
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Homeopathy Medicine For Breastfeeding Problems

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Homeopathy Medicine For Breastfeeding Problems

 Homeopathy Medicine For Breastfeeding Problems

Breastfeeding may be natural, but it’s not always easy. The truth is,

There will arise many problems during breastfeeding.

1. Latching

It’s 100 percent normal for your nipples to feel a little sore when you first start breastfeeding, especially if you’re a first-timer. But if the pain lasts longer than a few seconds into your feeding session, there may be an issue with baby’s latch.

2. Cracked Nipples

This is one of those breastfeeding problems that can be the result of many different things: a shallow latch, pumping improperly, thrush and sometimes even dry skin.

3. Engorgement

Engorged breasts (aka breasts bulging with a whole lot of milk) are very full, firm and taut, making it hard for baby to latch—and yes, like so many breastfeeding problems, engorged breasts can be pretty uncomfortable for mom.

4. Clogged Ducts

When your breasts are overly full or you’ve gone longer than usual between feeds, milk can back up into your ducts, clogging them up. You’ll know you’ve got a plugged duct if there’s a hard lump on your breast, if your breast is sore to the touch, and/or there’s some redness.

5. A Low Breast Milk Supply

A low breast milk supply can cause fear and frustration. It’s scary for a new mom to believe that she isn’t making enough breast milk for her child, and it can be frustrating for a baby if she isn’t getting enough

Is homeopathy effective for problems associated with breastfeeding?

Homeopathy will greatly help mothers with nursing and breastfeeding difficulties. Homeopathy helps women with problems that can make it difficult for them to breastfeed successfully include mastitis, painful nipples and a slow milk supply.

What are the best homeopathy medicines for problems associated with breastfeeding?

Here are 10 most recommended homeopathic medicine for problems associated during breastfeeding.

Homeopathic medicine Symptoms Better Worse
Acid nit Headache; halitosis Steady pressure on
Evening and night
and in hot weather
Belladona Vagina dry and hot Pressure, cool air
and rest
Exertion and
Borax During nursing,
pain in the opposite
Holding painful
part with hand
pressure on breast;
warm weather
Bryonia Breasts hot, painful
and hard
With pressure on
breast and rest
Warmth, motion and touch
Chamomilla Sensitive, irritable,
often thirsty;
inflamed nipples
In mild weather
and for application
of cold
With heat
Lac caninum Prone to mastitis
and backache
Cold In the morning and
for touch
Lac defloratum Prone to
With warm
Phytolacca Severe stinging in
Warmth Exposure to damp,
cold weather
Silica Nipples very sore Warmth Cold
Staphysagria Irritability Lying on back Cold and motion


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