The Making

It all started with a novel thought. Homeoclinic, the name and the logo, is dedicated to the science of natural treatment, Homeopathy. Homeoclinic is a combination of “Homeo” and “Clinic” where homeo stands for the science of homeopathy and clinic refers to the clinical institute. The logo holds an element “H” for homeopathy and the circle “O” in the center represents the pills as homeopathic medicine. Green color in the logo signifies health and medical care while the white color in the center denotes the complete recovery with no other stain of any sufferings. The logo, name and brand in itself symbolize the art of natural science and we strive for a recognition where Homeoclinic becomes the symbol of holistic recovery.

Beyond medicines, we treat you with holistic healing

Homeo Clinic is established on the thoughts of science and service, where homeopathy represents the thought of natural science and clinic characterizes the thought of serving humankind. Adhering to the principles of classical homeopathy and simultaneously striving for a niche in innovative measures of natural treatment does make HomeoClinic the best homeopathy clinic in Chandigarh.

Know the Legacy

23 years of experience in successful treatments of countless patients speaks for a glorious history of Homeoclinic, earlier known as Homoeocare. Dr. Randeep Nanda started the journey as one of the founding directors for Homoeocare in the 2007 and since then, the brand just grew expeditiously and so did the faith of thousands in homeopathy as a safer and effective treatment.

Years of expertise and cure for some of the critical cases over the past two decades have given many a hope of recovery and built our legacy of bringing a positive change.

What we believe in

Self-healing is our belief at Homeoclinic. Today, when billions are spent on researching new drugs and developing stronger medications, alternative medicine or natural medicine is what humankind deserves. Artificial medications do fight the disease but also suppress immunity whereas homeopathy empowers immunity to fight back a disease and nurture the body with self-healing. Our belief in self-healing has further traveled its way into our patients and led them to a healthier living.

Our practice at Homeoclinic

At Homeoclinic, we practice the holistic approach towards the person in disease. Through the judicious application of the principles of classical homeopathy, we aim at the root cause and treat it effectively. Having a unique outlook towards the psychological impact of the disease not only helps us understand the vulnerability of a patient but also makes it easier to evaluate the thought process and deviate it to a brighter side. Hence, our practice makes us unique for your choice as the best homeopathy clinic nearby.
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The team or the pillars

Homeoclinic is a multi-specialty clinic and we owe our multiple specialties to the team of homeopaths holding a profound knowledge and skilled expertise in their subject. Our vision towards bringing novelty in the treatment procedures of homeopathy and the mission of liberating humankind from artificial medication aligns us as a team and motivates us to serve people with the best of our knowledge. With a team of varied specialists in pediatrics, female hormonal disorders, allergies, respiratory conditions and much more, we collectively strive for a comprehensive treatment.

Successful recovery cases

Homeoclinic aims at curing the root cause of a medical condition without leaving the side effects and our track for successful treatments says much about the attainments of ours and the patients. Treating prolonged food allergies, skin conditions, hormonal imbalance, short-height, asthma, migraine, digestion problems and much more, have been our competence. A 4-year old girl child who was born deaf was successfully treated with homeopathy and regained her ability to hear. Such miraculous treatments firmed our belief in homeopathy as a science and motivated us to strive for advanced measures in treating with natural substances.